Tōkki Soju (375ml)

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  • Produced from glutinous rice locally sourced from Sacramento Valley
  • Seven- to ten-day parallel fermentation using nuruk, a starter made from milled barley inoculated with yeast
  • Distilled twice in a copper hybrid still
  • A bright nose expresses freshly cut grass, guava, white tea, and grape must. Light and refreshing on the palate with sweet, grassy notes of papaya leaf anchored by savory undertones of sticky rice and tapioca with a hint of vanilla on a crisp, dry finish
  • No sweeteners or additives
  • 23% ABV

A return to traditional soju production, Tokki Soju’s flagship White Label catapulted the distillery from a humble, small-batch operation to an internationally acclaimed soju brand. An excellent accompaniment to food, enjoy this expression neat—chilled or at room temperature—or in low-ABV cocktails.