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O2Y, L’Autre P’Tit Nico (2020)

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O2Y is the négociant project of Yves Roy of Domaine Nøvice, run in concert with two friends, Yoshinori Kuroda (Emmanuel Houillon’s assistant at Domaine Overnoy) and their mutual friend and neighbor, Olivier Guala. The three of them source grapes from their home region of the Jura, as well as from Beaujolais, Alsace, and the Côte Catalanes, with all the vinification and élévage taking place in their shared cellar in Poligny.

Driven both by a passion to explore other regions and varieties, as well as by the reality of wildly inconsistent yields in the Jura today, the wines are a vehicle for the trio to express their passion and explore winemaking through new and often unique avenues. Yves and Yoshi are responsible for the winemaking, and Olivier, with a vast network of contacts with winemakers and growers across France, manages the complex task of sourcing grapes.

Yoshi and Yves, talented winemakers in their own rights, are each responsible for their own cuvées, but the winemaking and overall philosophy is unified in their passion for unsulphured and unmanipulated wines that show a sense of place, passion, and joie de vivre.

L’Autre P’tit Nico is 100% Savagnin from Jura, ouillé style. Organic, unfined, unfiltered, zero added SO2.