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Viña Enebro, La Lasca Vino Tinto (2019)

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Viña Enebro as we know it today began producing wine organically in 2004, with the focus being to make different and unique wines in a region that had turned more industrial in the late 1990s. As some time went on being organic simply wasn't enough and the transition to natural-only started in 2008. The focus was first with young and aged red wines, then rosé, white, sparkling, reservas, and endless elaborations, but the most important thing was to respect the land and the grape without sulfur, without clarifiers, without acidifiers, without selected yeasts, etc. The goal was clear, just grapes and nothing more, which is true now to this day.

Young red wine made with organically grown, dry-farmed Monastrell grown on a mixture of sandy and clay soil, very rocky, low in organic matter with a high level of limestone. Fermented with its own native yeasts in stainless steel. Produced on the farm itself, something that is rather rare in this region of Spain typically filled with mass industrial farms. Ages less than a full year on the lees and then is bottled without the addition of any additives.